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Sound, like many factors of an event can be chosen. Whether entertaining a small group with discerning tastes, or satisfying a very large, demanding audience. EMM offers many sound solutions that will suit the needs of your event production.

Enhanced Sound
Enhanced Sound* – This upgrade is often suggested when event attendance reaches between 200 and 300 guests. Enhanced Sound includes two 15”inch full range speakers and two single 18”inch Sub units as well as an upgrade in power amplification.

Small Concert
Small Concert Sound* – A great solution for larger halls, venues and sizeable groups. This sound option brings together incredible audio accuracy, dynamic performance and a solid foundation in a compact package. It includes 2 dual 18”inch Sub units and 2 dual 15”inch full range speakers along with an upgrade in amplification.

Medium Concert
Medium Concert Sound* – An upgrade that will deliver unforgettably clear and precise sound performance for any large demanding audience. It includes 2 dual 18”inch Sub units and 4 dual 15”inch full range speakers along with an upgrade in amplification.

Full Concert
Full Concert Sound* – Unparalleled performance that brings music and sound to a different dimension. This is the solution for very large venues and groups of 600 persons or more. It includes 4 dual 18”inch Sub units and 4 dual 15”inch full range speakers along with an healthy upgrade in amplification.

Remote Sound
Remote Sound System – When entertaining guests in adjoined multiple rooms, or when the event environment is set up awkwardly with distant areas, a remote system is an incredibly sound solution.

Satellite Sound
Satellite System – Since certain halls and venues cannot be re-designed to be better suited for great sound, the Satellite System option can offer better sound distribution to fringe areas that need to be covered. It includes 2 speakers controlled by a separate amplifier that can adjust the volume to suit.

Wirelss Remote Sound
Wireless Remote Sound – This system includes: 2 small full range speakers, stands, power amplification adjusted to suit event environment, along with Shure Lavalier Wireless UHF transmitter/receiver.

Additional Sound Additional Sound System and Assistant DJ (Cocktail Hour secondary location)
At times, the first hour of an event, usually considered the cocktail hour, is set in a secondary location removed from the main room. These unique situations require a practical solution. This option includes; an assistant DJ along with a complete sound system, CD console and appropriate music library to suit the event or production.

Karaoke Karaoke – If you and your guests love to sing, or if you feel that you would like to include Live vocal performances at your event, then adding the Karaoke option is the answer. With 2 microphones, a visual monitor and a fantastic library of Karaoke Hits, get ready to have some fun.
*Additional power requirement needed.
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