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Lighting options add active color and dimension to an event. From the most subtle to the very dramatic, lighting options enhance the mood, add excitement to a dance floor and brighten the atmosphere. EMM offers a wide range of lighting and effect options to fit a special theme or create a desired effect.

Mirror Ball
Mirror Ball – Since the days of ballroom dancing, and throughout the dance scene of the 70's and 80's, the Mirror ball has remained a very popular dance floor lighting effect that has maintained its popularity through present day. Conceptually simple, yet very effective, the mirror ball is the perfect option for setting the dancing mood or giving any room a sparkling atmosphere. Standard size is 12 inches. For super impact, larger sizes are available in 24 in. and 36 in. (Additional rates apply)

Star Ball
Starball If you love the classic mirror ball effect, but are looking for something different, add a Starball centerpiece lighting effect. With complete 360° coverage, the Starball creates sharp beams of light that fill the room with an ambiance you and the crowd will love.

Multicolor Add a bit of color and put it in motion. Multicolor lights feature 7 distinct colors, a creative array of colored beams that spin in time with the music. The multicolor is a great choice for an active dance floor.

Le Flame
Le' FlameWhen it comes to dramatic lighting, nothing compares to natures own fire. Fire creates a whole new emotion to any scenic element. The Le Flame is a safe, realistic, simulated flame utilizing a unique combination of airflow, light and fabric. When positioned, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference from a real flame. Your guests will be amazed.

Pro Beam
Pro Beam Transform the atmosphere with vibrant flowing color that changes into countless shapes and different sizes. Whether your theme is funky, modern, psychedelic, or retro the Pro beam is an incredible effect that will add personality to a plain white wall or offer a creative background solution to your special event.

Custom Image Scan
Custom Image Scanning Be the star that you are! Whether it's your name(s), slogan, logo, or company name, this option has the ability to put your name in lights. The Technobeam or Studio Spot 250 are automated luminares that have customizable gobos. They can be used as stand-alone lights, or can be integrated with other lighting to give a personalized touch. Choose a Technobeam, Studio Spot 250 or both.

Follow Spot
Follow Spot Highlight the guest of honor with a Follow Spot.

Starlight – The Starlight package features 2 Martin Multicolor lights as well as a Mirror Ball. This combination allows for classy, low key lighting along with a splash of color that dances to the music.

Candlelight This is the ultimate low key lighting package, featuring 2 Le Flame lights and a Mirror Ball. This ambient non directional lighting solution creates a smooth, romantic enviroment.

Retro Retro – The Retro package contains the incredible ProBeam and a classic Mirror Ball. Combined, these two effects are perfect for a retro themed party, or for adding constant moving color and sparkle to an event or production.

Starstream – The Starflame is similar to the starlight package, with a Starball taking the
place of the Mirror Ball, giving the overall effect more power and better coverage.

Starflame – The Starstream package raises the power in the Candlelight package by combining the classic soft lighting of 2 Le Flames with a high powered Starball for a great crossover lighting effect.

Retro 2 Retro 2 – This is more of a "New" Retro package, still featuring the psychedelic color effects of the ProBeam, but adding the more powerful Starball into the mix. Together they produce a unique effect.

Roboscan Array
Roboscan Array The M-4 package features 4 Martin Roboscan 812 intelligent lights, pre-programmed to suit your party. These lights eve though compact, can create powerful and dramatic effects. They are a fantastic, yet cost effective way to create an exciting dance environment.

Trackspot Array
Trackspot Array The Trackspot Array is a great way to get the feel of a real dance club onto your dance floor. It features 4 High-End Trackspots, each of which is preprogrammed to work with the others in creating a dynamic, high-powered feeling.

Technobeam Array

Technobeam Array* – The Technobeam Array features 4 High-End Technobeams, the ultimate in dance floor lighting. This is the highest powered 4-light package we offer, and it is sure to please any audience.

Studio Spot Array
Studio Spot Array With stunningly fast, smooth, and quiet movement along with powerful luminance the Studio Spots will entertain and dazzle any audience. Their vast features allow you to projects custom LithoPatterns® of names, company logos, product brands, pictures, patterns, or messages virtually anywhere. With 540° of pan and 270° of tilt movement, the fixture can move colorful images throughout any environment. The Studio Spots can create a dramatic and spectacular show.

Standard High-end Array
Standard High End Array* For those who need more than a 4-light array, the Standard High End Array is perfect. Featuring 4 High-End Trackspots and 4 High-End Technobeams, it can handle a dance floor of almost any size, and is guaranteed to drive your guests wild!

Standard Club
Standard Club* The Standard Club Package features 4 High-End Technobeams and 2 Studio Spot 250 lights. The Studio Spots have complete 360° rotation which allows them to cover not only the dance floor, but the entire venue!

Advanced Club Advanced Club*– The Advanced Club package nearly doubles the lighting power of the Standard Club package by adding 4 High-End Trackspots to the 4 High-End Technobeams and 2 Studio Spot 250's. That makes 10 high powered lights, including 2 with 360° coverage. This is truly an incredible light show.
*Additional power requirement needed.
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