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  Frequently Asked Questions  

What are the requirements for booking?
In order for booking to be completed, the agreement has to be reviewed & signed. We will also need your Credit Card info on file, and have the deposit balance paid.

When should we return the planning forms?
When an Event Date is booked, the Planning Forms should be returned via Fax or Mail thirty (30) days prior to the event date. It is important for us to have your planning forms completed to the best of your ability so we have adequate time to prepare the music selection and finalize all other preparations.

Should I retain any forms when mailing them?
If mailing, please make 2 additional copies of the music and information sheets provided.

• Bridal Introduction Form (Weddings only)
• Event Information Form
• Music Playlist(s)

Keep 1 copy for security and sent the remaining copies to our office. Entertainment Media will call you approximately 7-10 days prior to the event date, to review the information sent in. As always, if you have any questions or concerns during the process please feel free to call the office at the number below.

What is the downpayment amount?
The downpayment amount on any event is a third (1/3) of the contract amount.

Can I pay ahead of time?
Paying ahead of time is always preferred as it secures your date and performer. The following methods are accepted when paying ahead of time:

• Personal checks, no later than 2 weeks prior to date.
• Money Order, Certified Check or Cash up to 1 week prior.
• Credit Cards may be used for Final Balances BUT they carry a $4 fee per $100 charged, so we recommend other forms of payment.

Can I pay on the night of the event? (prior to performance)
Paying the remainder of the balance on the night of the event is not preferred, but is accepted.
The following methods are accepted when paying on the night of the event:

• Money Order
• Certified Check
• Cash
• Personal Checks ONLY if there is a Credit Card on file

**note - Credit Cards are NOT accepted as payment the night of the event

Do you accept all the major Credit Cards?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover.

Would you require meals for your performers?
On behalf of our performers, we kindly ask that you have refreshments available during the time of the event. Please note: We do not request that our clients include us in their guest count for a meal. The past has shown that in most cases, there is always a small percentage of guests that do not attend the planned event, in which case, the DJ would be able to replace that guest at no cost to the client. Dinners/Meals are never mandatory, however when provided they are greatly appreciated.

Do I tip the DJ?
Clients often ask us, whether or not they should TIP their Disk Jockey and what the appropriate amount is. We feel that your gratuity is in no way mandatory and you should expect your entertainer to do a good job. If you are pleased and desire a guideline, we have calculated past tips ranging from $10-$100 with the average gratuity being around $40. When appropriate, gratuities should be paid directly to the Disk Jockey.

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